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      An Expert’s Take on Writing a Research Paper

      Research paper writing is one of the trickiest things you will encounter during your academic career. It requires a great deal of understanding of the subject and the issues surrounding it. And then there are some protocols to it as well that you need to keep in mind when you start to pen down your ideas. It requires you to do in-depth research and gather as many scholarly articles you can to back your arguments that you made in your research paper. We, as experts in the find of research paper writing, have tried to make this part of you academic life easier by imparting our years of knowledge and understanding of the subject. Apart from the fact that we are offering to help you with writing your research paper at extremely affordable rates, we want you to learn the art writing a research paper as well.

      Research paper writing is all about facts and reasoning. You have to pick a notion and form your argument around it. Therefore, it is essential that you think it all through before you start writing it down. You cannot pick a random topic and start writing about it. In fact, topic selection is one of the most important parts of your paper. The guide that we have prepared for you covers all the steps that you need to follow for planning and writing an excellent quality research paper.

      Gathering Your Thoughts and Getting Started – It isn’t easy. We understand that. You sit on your bed surrounded by books and a laptop with 50 open tabs thinking how do I get started? First thing you need to do is to calm down. Stop stressing over the fact that it’s too much for you to handle and pick up a pen and paper. Start making notes and list down all your ideas on one page. Now go through your resources and start to eliminate the ones you feel you will have a harder time writing about. Shorten the list down to two or three workable ideas. See if you can find enough material on the internet and in library about those ideas. This is what we call warming up! Yes, that’s how you get the ball rolling.

      Developing a Research Question for Your Paper – Now that you have a couple of ideas to work with, you have to analyze them a little differently. Think about both, or all three of the topics you have picked and ask yourself what would you want to know about them. Try to relate the topic to a personal experience or issue that you actually know a great deal about. For example if you are writing about the Problems with the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, try to think of issues, disputes and conflicts that could arise in a family and then relate them to the topic. Just keep in mind that the questions you finalize should be broad enough to have debate on it but should not too broad to not being able to conclude them. After you have completed forming questions, go through them all one by one to see which ones you could argue better on, in light of the available material you have for your research paper writing.

      Finding and Evaluating Sourcing Material – There are two types of researches you engage in, in order to support your thesis; primary research and secondary research. Primary research includes the first hand interviews and surveys that you will conduct for writing your research paper. And for secondary research, you look into archives, libraries, news resources and online articles or published interviews. But it’s not only limited to gathering resources, you will also need to evaluate each resource that you cite in your research paper. And for that you should look at certain factors such as, what is its credibility, whether it’s been confirmed by multiple sources, is the author an expert in the field, and most importantly, does it help you answer your research question? If the answers to all these questions are, ‘Yes’, bingo! You have got all the sourcing and citation material you need for your paper.

      Paraphrasing, Formatting and Drafting your Essay – Now when we are using any secondary research to prove our point in the research paper, you can’t copy it word to word with quotation marks. The idea is to understand what the source is saying and paraphrase it into your own words. And as you write an experts account of the situation, keep making notes and put together your sources of information at the end of the page in footnotes. Because while producing a research paper, every idea you present should be either backed by a comprehensive research or the opinion of an expert in the industry.

      Discussing Data in Research Paper Writing – When you describe a phenomenon in your research paper, it is imperative that you back it up by observation and evidence. Data helps you explain the reason behind the phenomenon and adds more credibility to your paper. It also helps the reader understand why you have accepted or rejected a certain hypothesis. And keep one thing in mind; every study that you quote in your research paper should be conclusive and should add to solidifying your claim or argument. Though it’s important to hold a stance and stay focused on the hypothesis while writing a paper but you can also offer alternative explanations if they appear relevant and reasonable.  Just try not to get carried away and waste too much time explaining a secondary phenomenon and lose out on the main idea.

      Concluding the Discussion – When it comes to concluding the research paper, the biggest mistake most students make is to just re-state the outcome of the researches and data they have used. This isn’t entirely wrong but the better way would be to focus on the rationale behind the results. Try to discuss why you think the results of your analysis came out the way they did. This will further help you justify your research and also lead you towards more effective and practical recommendations. And if the “whys” are explained thoroughly, it will allow other researchers to use your paper as a source of their secondary research and modify it to achieve a different objective. All in all, if the paper is put together the right way, it not only guarantees an excellent grade but also ends up becoming a part of many other important researches.

      Well, that concludes my “guide to writing an A grade research paper” but if you are still unsure about anything you can hire us to consult with you on your research paper or get the best research paper writing material from out experts. We have been in this business for over a decade and lot of students around the world hire us every year to help them with various stages of their research paper. We offer number of research writing services such as topic selection, format fixing, editing the draft, writing assistance, and working on your paper from the scratch. So regardless of what problem you are facing with your paper, you can count on us for support. It is one the most trusted research paper writing services among graduate and post graduate students, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s easy, it’s affordable and it promises excellent results.