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      Apr 18 th, 2017
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      Why ask someone to ‘Write my Paper for Cheap’?

      It has been quite some time since services for online essay and paper writing have been provided. People still have trouble understanding what it means to get their paper written by a professional versus an unprofessional company or writer. Our focus in writing this post is to discuss the merits of hiring a professional and affordable writing company that can write your papers for you.

      1. On time service

      When a customer pays a hefty amount for a well-written essay, the company that is providing needs to be available on time and round-the-clock for any additional services required. While 80 percent companies claim to be committed towards providing the best customer and on time services, the sad reality is that they do not.

      2. Non-plagiarized content

      Due to the advancement in technology, there is now an availability of several tools that create “unique” content from existing material on the internet. These tools can create this content without going under the plagiarism detection radar. To obtain completely original and non-plagiarized content, it is best to entrust in a company like Affordable Essays where all papers, essays and reports are written entirely from scratch.

      3. On time delivery

      Affordable Essays takes pride in the creation of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system where our customers can review and recommend necessary changes. Through the CRM system, customers can avail a wide range of discounts and view the progress of their past orders as well as place new ones. Once a customer has been setup in the CRM system, it is just a matter of a few clicks more before an order can be created. Approximately 85 percent of present day companies online fail to provide this service because they prioritize the company’s profit over the customer’s ease. We take our customers seriously!

      4. Timely updates

      Once committed that you will receive your paper in 10 hours, it is impossible for us to not have the completed paper with us in 9 hours for you to give a final review before submission. Our team can relate to our customers’ emotions because we are all ex-students that thoroughly understand the importance of due dates and the consequences of missed deadlines.

      5. Standardized procedures

      Affordable Essays has standardized all its procedures whether be it an essay, thesis, dissertation or a book report. We care about all our customers equally, which means that no matter what the paid amount is for the order you’ve submitted, we will make sure to always treat you equally and exactly as we would treat a high paying customer.

      6. Flexible Refund Policy

      So, what if our customer is unsatisfied by our work? If this is the case and we are unable to provide our customer with a satisfactory solution, the customer can simply apply for a complete refund without any further questions being asked.