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      Apr 17 th, 2017
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      Do you need to be a nerd to write an amazing paper?

      Well, the answer is rather complicated. But definitely not as complicated as most nerds out there. To crack the code on this, you need to first understand what nerds do that you don’t when it comes to writing a compelling essay. What are the kind of resources and help they use for writing that you often fail to consider? Is there any specific writing style they follow or are they just born geniuses?

      Let’s tackle these questions one by one. First, we will discuss the different types of writing assignments and how one should ideally approach them. If we break those two broad categories we will have

      1)Research Writing – which includes in-depth knowledge of the subject and proper citations such as Dissertation Writing, Thesis Writing and Research Paper Writing – and 2)College Essays – which are mostly opinion or judgement based such as book reports and other essay writing assignments that we get from teachers when they.

      College Essay Writing Self Help Ideas

      College essays are usually the easy bit of the assignments and you can write one with little help. All you need to know is how to choose a topic (of course, if you aren’t already assigned one) and then how to organize your thoughts and pen them down. To make it easy to understand, I have broken down this into 6 easy steps. If you follow these steps closely, you should never have any trouble with college essay writing.

      • Brainstorming Essay Topics

      Start with listing down all potential things you could write about such as books, hobbies, news, sports, events, ideas, theories – it’s a never ending list. So try not to get carried away and keep it relevant to the assignment. Always keep in mind the purpose of writing that essay and the class you’re writing it for. It helps you stay focused and allows you come up with topics you can realistically write about.

      • Process of Elimination

      Now once you have a list of ideas in front of you, you need to start trimming down the list to that one idea or topic that you feel you’re comfortable writing about. And while going through every idea think about how much you know about them or what your level of interest in them is or how much writing help material you can find for those ideas on the internet before you start crossing them out. So basically, you will re-evaluate everything based on the aforementioned factors.

      • Think about the teacher

      It is very important to think about the interests of the person who would grade the essay. In most cases it’s your teacher. So it all boils down to two options; either you write about a topic that you think your teacher would want you to write about or pick something that’s inherently interesting. There’s always a third option which I don’t usually recommend. That has to do with picking a subject that your teacher has little or no knowledge about. But teachers are generally very smart and this option doesn’t help much.

      • Look for available Essay Writing Help

      This could include a number of things ranging from your nerdy friends who like you enough to help you with your essay writing assignment to the nerds you can hire online to help you with your assignment. Apart from seeking help from friends you can also search the internet and see what free and paid recourses are available online.

      • Stop Wasting Time

      Now that you have selected the topic and gathered all the external help and material that you need for drafting a world class essay, start working on in without wasting any time.  Time management is the key producing high quality course work. And that’s exactly this whole exercise teaches you. You spend the right amount of time planning and researching so that you can organize your random trail of thoughts and write your essay without any more contemplation.

      • Take it till the end

      Once you have decided what to write about, don’t change your mind in the middle of the assignment unless you have the time to go through the entire process again. And if you did take all the steps of the process seriously, you should take this last one too. You should even feel the need to go back and re-do everything because you have already put in too much thought into it.

      And there you have your masterpiece aka essay writing assignment ready with little to no help. And same steps work for book report writing as well. We understand that the format is different and we will cover in a separate post with maximum details. But meanwhile if you get stuck on your assignment, you can reach out to our book report writing help service.

      Resources and Help needed in Research Paper Writing

      Writing a research paper or dissertation without help can sometimes be tricky. Usually the hardest part is deciding a topic and getting started on it. As you have noticed that I like breaking things into 6 steps, similarly I have developed a simple six step formula to help you write an A grade research paper. These steps are basically just to help you understand the basics of research based writing techniques. If you follow them closely, they make it a lot easier for you to tackle various difficult parts of your paper. Once you have gotten a good grasp over it, you come up with you own way to dealing with detailed dissertation or research assignment.

      We have compiled a small list of resources that students should look at when writing their research paper. And for starters, Wikipedia is not one of them. A number of people make these mistakes and quote Wikipedia, and even a dictionary in some cases. That’s not what your teacher wants. They are hoping to see some scholarly articles or research that’s been done on the subject. And if you use these 5 sources to back your argument, we guarantee that you will get an excellent grade on your research paper:

      Public Library:

      It’s a brilliant resource and the best part about is that it’s free. A lot of public libraries can be accessed online or via apps such as Over Drive. In fact, libraries are a great place to work. You can actually take your laptop to a nearby public library and do your preliminary research there. It’s calm, peaceful, motivating and full of educational – all in all an ideal place to find help for your research paper writing assignment.

      Scholarly Articles:

      Google has made everything easy. You can no look for published researches, articles and journals on google using Google Scholar. Many of those high authority pieces of literature are absolutely free of cost and readily available for download. They will help you a great deal in making a strong case for paper. And teachers love seeing references from such articles or journals. So besides being accessible, it adds to your final grade as well.

      Stats and Researches:

      There are several university websites that publish new stats and researches every year and they can also be quoted in a research paper. If it’s a reputable college or university that has published those numbers, you can without any hesitation use them as reference. And if you are unsure about the reputation of the institute or authenticity of the research, you can always go to various government websites that conduct surveys and study on a number of topics every year. For example, if you are look for employment stats or workplace injury data, ministry of labour would be a great resource to start with. You will find all the information on that topic that you need for your assignment.

      Online Libraries:

      Like I discussed earlier, you can access a number of free public libraries online or you can pay a nominal fee to become a member of an online library. Often many libraries offer a free week to two weeks trial before they start charging you for their membership. That time should be enough to get your resources you need for your paper.

      Subject Matter Experts:

      These people are big names in their field of knowledge and their word is considered authority. If you use quotes from the best know researchers or scholars in your research paper, it will add weight to your research and guarantee you an excellent grade.

      Other popular research based writing styles include Thesis and Dissertation writing. Both these writing styles are quite similar; major difference being: Thesis Writing is usually the done for Masters level of academia, while Dissertation Writing is for PhD students. Although the writing styles are alike but of course, when it comes to dissertation writing you need to come up with more authoritative references and researches. That is why we suggest, if you are unclear, you should sign up for our dissertation writing help service. We have experts that will make sure that you end up with a top-class dissertation. And same goes for thesis writing. It may be the simpler form but tends to be confusing at times. So for that too, we have writers available to help you with thesis writing.